Destination Dreaming is an Australian social enterprise that works with schools to create sustainable community partnerships across Asia Pacific.

These partnerships provide a foundation for practical, intercultural engagement that develops social responsibility, global competence and self-awareness in young people.

Destination Dreaming specialises in programs for schools and communities. Our programs are based on experiential, inquiry-based learning- integrating key concepts from a range of curriculum disciplines through interaction, observation and collaboration.

How Other People Describe Us…

Sue Walker

Our journey with Destination Dreaming was a total learning experience- holistic in that it encompassed learning about the lives of others, world cultures and ourselves. The thing I learned most came from Destination Dreaming- in recognising the need to build strong, lasting relationships that are sustainable and evolving. To watch the youth of two completely different cultures share their stories, dreams and lives for even a short time is something that cannot be forgotten. We faced challenges and were taken well and truly out of our comfort zone, but the positive and powerful personal growth that has occurred for each and every participant is distinct. My recommendation of this program is wholly heartfelt. 

Sue WalkerPrincipal (Primary), Sacred Heart College (Hobart)
Leah Rosebrock

Destination Dreaming starts from a sound philosophical base, which is to expose students to positive experiences in diverse environments. By positive, I mean working with local people and organisations who see themselves as part of the local solution to problems such as the struggle to bring a country out of poverty through education. The emphasis of Destination Dreaming is not dip in-dip out feel good service activities, but getting students to reflect deeply on big issues of equality, justice, and human rights. A Destination Dreaming program can truly transform the way a student sees the world and their engagement in it.

Leah RosebrockHead of EAL, St. Michael’s Collegiate
Harrison Bignold

Destination Dreaming have done a wonderful job in creating a fun, educational and eye-opening experience. They provide unforgettable experiences that will stay with you forever. It is not all about the activities, but the eye-opening experience of living in a village amongst great people. This provides valuable life lessons that change your outlook on the world. With Destination Dreaming you will learn humility, thankfulness, respect, kindness and more… If you want a life-changing experience with outstanding activities and valuable life lessons, I recommend Destination Dreaming.

Harrison Bignold15 years old, The Hutchin’s School
James Laidler

The underlying philosophy of Destination Dreaming is both sound and appropriate. Our students really learnt a terrific amount about both themselves and the world around them; in particular they learnt about what is truly important in life. This includes things like relationships, justice, risk taking and listening. 

James LaidlerLearning and Teaching Leader- Senior, Emmanuel College Warrnambool

How It All Began…

It all started with a dream to build a primary school in Fiji and educate Australian youth outside the classroom. So in 2004, on the back of a credit card, Destination Dreaming was born.

Clint Miller had thought he was living the dream, working as a lifeguard on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and travelling the world. Until one day his adventures took him to a remote Fijian community. He learned about family, about culture, community and the things that really matter in life. As an experienced youth worker and trainer, he knew this was an experience that every young person should have.

For Kate Richardson, education was in the blood. With a principal and leading teacher for parents, it wasn’t long before she was drawn back out of the fields of law and consulting. She followed her passion for taking the unconventional path and set about creating Destination Dreaming, with a vision to connect and engage communities across the world. She wanted to provide communities with the opportunity to work together, and provide their young people with experiences that developed global awareness, empathy and resilience.

Fast forward twelve years and a team of passionate people now leads Destination Dreaming. We are fuelled by a vision to connect local schools and communities across the world- to provide sustainable partnership support and life-changing learning experiences. The number of communities we support has soared and we work across the Asia Pacific region … but our values and inspiration have remained the same.

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