Samoan Adventure, Culture and Rugby for 23 Melbourne High Students

Talofa Lava,

Over 11 nights and 12 days during the school holidays, 23 Melbourne High School students, two teachers/Rugby Managers, one very brave parent, an inspirational Rugby/Life Coach and a very lucky Destination Dreaming Expedition Leader travelled to Samoa. The school group travelled on a 12-day Destination Dreaming Sports/Service tour to experience a combination of adventure, culture, education and sport.

The 23 boys made up of both junior and senior players, played three games against local schools and did the Melbourne High community proud. They didn’t chalk up a win, but earned great respect from the locals, not only for their courage and skills, but for the level of respect they showed by participating in local customs before and after each game. The team engaged with the local community through singing, traditional warrior chants and interacting after each game with the local players. After each game, an exchange of gifts was made between the Coach and Captains of both teams as a sign of respect and gratitude towards each other.

The students also visited local schools, churches, villages and ventured to remote waterfalls, caves and blowholes. It was a great all-round tour and Destination Dreaming would like to thank all the parents and staff involved in the tour for supporting the boys to participate in such an amazing travel experience.

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