Dreaming Project Success! Funding Secured for Clean Drinking Water System in Fiji

After 14 months of lobbying for funding and assistance, Destination Dreaming has been advised that the Rotary Pacific Water Foundation has approved our proposal for funding for a water project in Fiji. The grant is to provide access to clean drinking water for the remote village of Nasivikoso in the highlands of Vitu Levu, Fiji. The grant includes all piping, fittings, water tanks, professional tradesperson, as well as construction and maintenance training of the system for local villagers. The grant will also provide material to thoroughly clean and secure the water source (natural spring) for the village and protect against waterborne diseases. The work is expected to be finished on the 24th of June 2011 and will be officially commissioned the following week.

This great opportunity will allow the installation of the Sky Juice water filter donated by Destination Dreaming, which produces 1000 litres of drinking water per day.

This is a very important step towards the bigger picture for the highlands community. The village, in collaboration with Destination Dreaming, are in the process of establishing a primary school, for which access to clean drinking water for students is a pre-requisite.

This is a great win for the people of Nasivikoso. Destination Dreaming Directors Kate and Clint would personally like to thank all the Destination Dreaming travellers and donors over the years who have supported Dreaming Projects in Fiji.

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