Mountain Creek State High School 2007

Mountain Creek State High School staff and students spent their winter holidays in Fiji with Destination Dreaming, playing rugby and netball with their peers in the South Pacific nation.

The two teams, one rugby and one netball, played matches in Nadi, the Nasouri highlands and on Waya Island. Although the games were an experience of a lifetime, the students described the highlights as the interaction after the games- sharing stories with the locals they had just competed against.

This program was particularly valuable for the rugby boys to gain an appreciation for the culture of the young Fijian men, as many of them play against young Fijians in local Queensland competition.

The program was a wonderful success, and the school now plans to hold the program bi-annually. One of our program staff enjoyed the group so much that he is now working at Mountain Creek!

Photos from the program are now available via this link on Facebook.

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