A Personal and Professional Journey in Beautiful Indonesia

For the past five weeks, Destination Dreaming’s Kate Miller has been in Canggu, Bali- on an amazing personal and professional adventure. On the truly intercultural, teacher training program, Kate joined 34 other participants from Japan, America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Brazil for the program, which included a specialisation in programs for children and teenagers.

Kate had committed to the training with specific Destination Dreaming program development in mind, but she soon found it was going to provide a profound source of personal development as well. Woken by the sound of the neighbouring mosque at 5:00am each morning, walking past rice paddies for class at sunrise, exploring mind-opening philosophies and techniques for mental and physical wellbeing, dancing in the middle of the day as if no one was watching, meditation on the beach at sunset, fiery wok meals at the roadside warung and plenty of great waves at nearby Tugu beach… it was truly a period of great personal growth and inspiration for new programs.

Based on the foundations learned over the past five weeks, Kate is now developing a week long program for young people that will be offered in Australia. This is something we have been keen to develop for some time, to provide a local opportunity for schools and students, in addition to our global and interstate programs.The 5-day intra and interpersonal development program will combine Destination Dreaming’s global citizenship and interconnectedness education with the development of an individual toolbox for mental wellbeing, mindfulness, managing stress and embracing individuality.

Another exciting chapter in what has been an amazing 2012! If you would like discuss the local program under development, please email Kate via