Program Options:

  • Global Partnership Program

    Available only to schools and groups looking for an ongoing relationship with the same community partner. Focused upon providing two-way, global learning opportunities for young people, with regular, facilitated student/teacher visits to the school’s community partner.

  • Indigenous Perspectives Program

    Immersion experience focused on learning about the histories and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. A program designed for students to learn directly from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and develop an understanding of the ways in which they can engage in and contribute to reconciliation.

  • Intercultural Sports Program

    Program using sport as a foundation for intercultural engagement between young people from two diverse communities. Also appropriate for pre-season team building and best suited to rugby, soccer, netball and volleyball.

Current Opportunities

  • Global Partnerships: we currently have communities in Cambodia, Laos, Fiji, Timor Leste and the Philippines seeking Global Partnerships with Australian schools. The Philippines opportunity has a specific focus on sustainability.
  • Indigenous Perspectives: there is a new Indigenous Perspectives opportunity in South Australia and an availability on an established program on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island).
  • Intercultural Sports: opportunities are currently available in Laos, Fiji and Cambodia.

Contact us for further information: or via the online form here.

Destination Dreaming’s Approach

The design of our programs is guided by the Melbourne Declaration on Education Goals for Young Australians (MDEGYA) and the current Australian Curriculum. Our process of experiential, inquiry-based learning links the schooling community, curriculum and practical life lessons.

Importantly, our approach to partnership is based on equality, mutual benefit and human connection. Our programs are not about your school providing ‘aid’ to a developing school or community, or your students ‘volunteering’ on a project that could be completed by local workers. We work with both your school and its community partner to create an equal partnership with educational objectives, to identify opportunities to learn from each other’s strengths, and to ensure that each community’s culture, beliefs and values are respected.

Destination Dreaming programs are underpinned by a detailed risk management program, which is continually reviewed, updated, and customised to each individual program.

All programs involve a detailed evaluation component to ensure outcomes are measurable and lead to meaningful, lasting development at an individual and community level.

Our programs are perfect for schools:

  • Looking to form a partnership with another community as part of a mutually beneficial, intercultural exchange
  • Looking to develop, improve or extend their social justice, service learning or community engagement program
  • Looking to ensure consistency and sequencing in the planning and management of multiple programs
  • Looking to offer students an inquiry-based, experiential education program that is unique to their school
  • Offering Health and Human Development studies (in the context of global health), Global Politics or Sociology
  • Offering the Duke of Edinburgh Award or part of the Round Square network
  • Looking to offer a meaningful School Leavers’ Program as an alternative to ‘Schoolies’

Email us to request a copy of our Schools’ Prospectus.